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Modern-day car keys are tough to duplicate and are sturdier than ever. But, that doesn’t mean you can never fall into trouble. Sometimes, a slight negligence or absent-mindedness can leave you without access to your vehicle. Losing keys don’t hurt that much if you have a spare set at your house, but what if you didn’t have a spare set or had stashed the one you had inside the glove compartment of the car which you can no longer access? Situations like these can turn into a major headache and your dealership doesn’t do anything to make things better. For all you know, they might end up asking lengthy details about your car, take days to get new car keys made, and charge an exorbitant amount for it.

What’s your alternative: Calling Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store and hiring an auto locksmith. We are one of the finest locksmith service agencies in Taylorsville, UT and provide fast, cost-effective, and professional auto locksmith solutions.

What gives us an edge over your dealership?

Value for money

Dealerships are known to charge extra amount even for services like new key creation. A locksmith, on the other hand, can perform the same service at a far lesser price.

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How long do you think a dealership takes to get new car keys made? 3 days? A week? Our locksmiths will reach your location as soon as you call us and make new keys within just 30-60 minutes. 


Relying on your dealership for new keys means sacrificing your convenience. After all, who likes to carry around paperwork and ensure that everything is in order just to get a new pair of keys. Simple call Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store and get newcar keys made and we will save you all the hassle.

24/7 services

Car keys don’t choose a time to get misplaced. What will add to your woes is if they get lost in an unfamiliar location. It won’t be safe to wait until morning to get new car keys made. Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store provides 24/7 locksmith services and reaches your location instantly, even if it is well past midnight.  

Need to get new or spare car keys madein a hurry? Call Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store and leave it to our professionals.