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Businesses in the Taylorsville area have been trusting Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store for years, a testament to how smoothly our security system installations go, and how effective they are at allowing only authorized personnel. Our individualized security services are especially helpful to blooming entrepreneurs, but are perfect for any business seeking high-security systems. 

Our convoy of mobile units allow our technicians to be wherever you may be, and quickly. Our highly-trained staff and effective tools ensure that your access or security issues will be resolved on the first visit. Along with fixing your issues efficiently, our technicians will also assess the security measures taken on your facility, and advise security measures that would further protect your building. The security consultations available at Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store are ideal for several different business types, including:Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store Taylorsville, UT 801-312-8016

  • Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Schools / Universities
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks

Our Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store staff is trained extensively in several locksmithing fields, and are required to continue broadening their security knowledge. Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store is a complete security resource in Taylorsville, providing businesses with quality security care.

Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store specializes in the installation of exclusive keyway systems, which allow access to the most sensitive areas of a business only to a select few. These systems generate keys that cannot be duplicated, so that you know your business is safe. We also specialize in maintaining secure spaces with security measures such as vaults and safes.

We at Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store specialize in the implementation of master key systems, with specific sub-master key systems. This system allows specific staff access to specific areas, which maximizes productivity in certain work areas. This system works wonderfully for allowing access while minimizing risk, and a master key system can be installed overnight to ensure a new control system.

As well as traditional lock systems, Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store also specializes in high-technology security systems, such as the electronic access key control system. This system essentially replaces the traditional key with an access card that can be activated or deactivated with the press of a button, which allows ultimate control over individual access to your facility.

Motion sensitive alarm systems are a great way to discourage unwanted access near important entry areas, as well as alerting Taylorsville officers of suspicious behavior. Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store provides an array of high-security options, so that your business or facility is never left unattended. Our security systems are very flexible, so your business can be fitted with an individualized system.