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In Chicago, 1903, over 600 people died after a fire broke out in the Iroquois Theater. The reason why people couldn't exit the theater on time was due to a lack of proper exit. About 5 years later, a similar incident occurred in a school where over a 100 people died as they couldn't exit the building on time. These incidents led to a nationwide debate and resulted in stricter building security norms across the globe. As a result, public buildings and offices were mandated to develop proper emergency exit systems. Today, every building has an emergency exit system and push bars is the most prevalent among them.

Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store provides a full suite of locksmith services in Taylorsville, UT and has helped commercial clients with push bar installations designed to aide during an emergency crisis.

Here are some things to be considered while setting up emergency exits:Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store Taylorsville, UT 801-312-8016

1)    The type of device used:
The most important thing to establish is the kind of device to be used depending on the type and number of users. In some cases, only a specific number of people use the building and they are trained by the management to follow certain emergency exit procedures in order to avoid a panic-like situation during a crisis. In other buildings, typically large commercial ones where the public footfall is much higher, installation of push bars becomes imperative since they are extremely easy to use.

2)    Appropriate placement of escape doors
The placement of escape doors is very important as a door that is located far away from the main areas of the building will be of no assistance during an emergency.

3)    Quality and safety 
Installation of cheap quality exit hardware just for the sake of avoiding penalties is never a good idea. These low-grade doors are bound to fail during a crisis and may in fact cause further damage. Moreover, they give easier access to burglars into the building.

We have been installing exit door setups for over 10 years and understand the technical aspects of emergency exit systems better than anyone else. We can install top-quality push bars and also suggest where to strategically place them in order to maximize their potential. Our experts design custom solutions for large commercial corporations, public offices, malls, and other establishments. Apart from that, Taylorsville UT Locksmith Store also offers regular maintenance to carry out necessary repairs and ensures that your building is not flouting any norms that may result in hefty fines from authorities.  

Need a robust emergency exit system in your building? Get in touch with our experts today!